I would like to welcome you all to my new blog about my journey through Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH).

It will be a journey through the Four Stages of Competence in which, from my first posts, I hope you will see me grow from unconscious incompetence through to, in the future, being Unconsciously Competent. I chose this theme for my blog for a few reasons. The first is that along back near Christmas I received a shocking wake up call which made me know just how much I didn't know, in other words I was projected into the second stage of learning. The other reason is the Parelli program and its emphasis on changing the human to work as a partner and not a predator, a goal of continual self-improvement.

Common PNH terms will be used throughout this blog and I'll try to keep my glossary up to date and as informative as possible. I do recommend that you do your own research and get as much from the horses mouth as you can through the Parelli educational material.I also strongly recommend the Savvy Club as it has increased my understanding of myself and what I need to do more than any other single component of what Pat Parelli refers to as "The Program". That is extremely high praise considering how I feel about subscription services.

As simple as "The Program" looks to the outside observer do not think that it will be easy or obvious to understand. I have done many hours of reading, thinking, playing with my horses, or just undemanding time (UDT) to come to a very basic understanding of how much I really do not know.

I also hope, along the way, to become a source for easy to understand information and creativity with the Parelli method. If you check the link bar at the top of my blog you will see a Glossary of PNH terms, some useful links to problems and their solutions as discovered by other PNH people, and get to see how my horses Horsenalities develop over the course of time.