Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday without formal play!

This morning I went out to the barn and filled in the on-line check list as I really didn't feel like playing in an organized way. A few things I've noticed that I need to work on include a calm horse under phases. Usually they are okay, but as you see from yesterday I sometimes get flare-ups. I'm also sure that is because I'm not meeting their needs.

Going down the list, for Sunrise, I need to work on:
Haltering with Savvy
Driving from Zone 2(will have to see what that means as in general she can touch-it okay which is a driving purpose)
YoYo has been good, although recently I've not practised over a poll and should set up a "gate" for her
Circling isn't on the list for level 1 and nothing in level 2 is close yet
Sideways is inconsistent and I need to work on it more. I'm getting stuck with the reactions to the first four games.
Squeeze is good so long as driving is good, and can be played with in conjunction with Sideways as per the DVD. No trailer to sniff yet, although it is close. Will have to give it a try.

Going down the list, for Cayleigh, I need to work on:
Friendly is good when everything is calm, including haltering, need to work on our confidence.
Porcupine, again, not sure I'm setting this up correctly, Sun has gotten it but I always find myself out of place with Cayleigh. I'm not rewarding soon enough and it pisses her off.
Driving is good as long as I'm clear.
Yoyo, very good back and forth at phase 1. "Teach to stop and Yield" is something that needs work. Once she is away from me she will move, sidepass actually, around. I don't want to discourage that but do want her to wait for me to ask!!!
The rest of the games need to be practised yet...

Keep in mind that when I say good, I mean good for level one as far as I understand. It can always be improved!

The rest of the morning was me stuffing them with carrots, even the gelding as he respecting my space although not always Cayleigh's and will move away from me with a look now. I also walked around their adjoining pasture, I expected them to follow me, particularly Cayleigh but she is not nearly as connected to me as when I first met her. She was in a herd of 20+ horses and would always come to me and follow me, even into the woods. It's something for me to lick a chew. I'd rather her enjoy my presence and seek it out.


  1. You have an ambitious To Do list Peter! I can't imagine trying to bring two horses through the Program at one time - one horse is about all I can handle right now. :)

    I've found that just when I think one game is nailed down, another will start to fall apart. It seems to be a balancing act. Eventually I realized that the 7 games are tightly interwoven, and it was then I began to see them more as a language, than parts of a whole.

    Good luck!

  2. Well, working with them both has sped progress with both I think. I can definitely see how interrelated the last three games make everything else. Of course, anything with a purpose makes you use all your "tools" to make the play time enjoyable and safe.

    You are right though. Two horses is a lot of work. I had been concentrating on Sun only but that not only made me feel bad for Cayleigh but I got stuck. Cayleigh helped me get unstuck and so she is fully part of the program now.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Good, better, best... never let it rest, get your good better, and your better best!

    Good to see you putting so much time and thought into the foundations, it will pay off in the long-term.

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central