Monday, November 25, 2013

More changes in feed

I should take more pictures of my girls, they are so fuzzy!

Just a short note to say that my own exercise regime is not doing so well after a week and a half long flu with chest nastiness.

I've changed my feeding pattern to equal amounts of hi-fat/hi-fiber and equalizer for Cayleigh so she continues to get the extra nutrition she needs and I've started Sun on the equalizer as well.

Cayleigh's ribs are starting to get lost under the nice layer of fat she has put on so I'll slowly wean her off the extra calories if she continues to gain. It looks like this winter will be a more comfortable one than last year.

On the to-do list is trim feet and worm. We've finally had a half decent freeze here so it is time to get those pesky parasites out of the girls!

Hope you and yours are doing well!